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Updated: Aug 7, 2022

If you currently own a restaurant or you’re part of this industry, you’ve probably thought about how important having an online presence is. Not only that but having an online shop from where your customers could check and order from your menu would also be a great addition. It could help promote your dishes, space, concept and reach a much wider audience. However, if you don’t have experience in digital marketing, it can seem like quite the challenge - you’re also focused on running the restaurant in the meantime. This is why having an online/ digital marketing specialist by your side can help skyrocket your business and help you reach your customers quicker and easier.

Having an online marketing specialist would be helpful for anyone working in the food industry. When considering if you should hire such a specialist, take into account the following benefits of having a strong online presence:

You can promote your food delivery service easier

Especially in the last year, many restaurants have taken the route of advancing their food delivery business. While restaurant takeaways may still be available even if you don’t promote them online, you won’t gain nearly as many customers. A digital marketing specialist can help you map out a takeaway menu that can be promoted on social media platforms, and that could be easily accessible to users. Think about how many people order food from their phones or laptops at any given time of day. You could provide their next meal with just a few clicks! Not only that, a digital marketing will help you when it comes to listing your restaurant or business on food delivery apps, which are pretty popular at the moment.

You can also promote and inform people about your catering services

Let’s say your own catering business or your restaurant provides this type of service as well. As restrictions are starting to lift, events will occur again - maybe not as big as before, but people will still gather up - and most probably, they will look for a catering business. If your social media accounts are being taken care of and your digital marketing uses SEO and digital marketing strategies, your business will be one of the first ones to pop up in their searches. They will look at pictures, reviews, and the menu, all present on your media accounts.

People can find your restaurant much more manageable

It’s no secret that when most people travel to a new city or country, they use the internet to search for excellent places to eat. I go on vacation in Switzerland, and I want to find a good restaurant in every city that I go to. In my search, I will probably use words such as “restaurants near me” or, german “restaurants der nähe,”restaurant Bern,” “restaurant Zürich.” Suppose your webpage has good SEO and your social media accounts are correctly promoted. In that case, they will quickly appear in my results. And seeing you have such a professional online presence will convince me your restaurant must be trendy, especially among travelers.

Lastly, an online specialist can build your social media accounts so that more people will be tempted to order or book a table at your place. The pictures and the aesthetics of both your dishes and the restaurant itself can draw people in and make them curious.

For example, I see a dish with an exciting plating or a restaurant with an interesting concept and decor on Instagram. I will be very tempted to book a table since their social media account is so put together, and it sends the right message.

All in all, having an online specialist by your side when running your food business can be of great help, whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for fresh ways to promote your services and restaurant or reaching more customers.

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