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Express on the Web and solve 

J-Biz is based in Switzerland to help companies from all over the world to develop their business including seo solutions in Japan. From e-commerce to blogging and business, there are many excellent options that may be required.

We can also manage the logistics for your business partners in Japan for global e-commerce sites.


We offer various services with the aim of simplifying your business

The categories in which the D2C brand exists are diverse, including eyeglasses and apparel, cosmetics, suitcases, supplements, jewelry, cookware, food as well as beauty salons. D2C refers to a model in which manufacturers and corporate brands carry out everything they need. From planning to manufacturing, and sales using their own websites to deliver products directly to customers without going through retailers. This is expected to increase in the future. Consumers go to the store to purchase or visit the store by looking up its reviews, they also read the reviews of the product that suits them. Consumers' eyes are becoming more and more strict, and their expectations for products are rising.

J-Biz assists the operation of the web, from sole proprietors to major companies, from website creation to blogs that include other languages.

Business cooperation in the inspection, sorting and delivery of goods in Japan.
Caravan Ltd. Japan
For more information, please contact us.

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Translation & SEO Writing

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Translation & SEO Writing

We charge translation work per character in a changed language.

We also offer various writing services. 


Translation work can be added  as option plan  EN-DE , EN-FR, EN-JP JP-EN.

SEO contents writing is price of 0.05EUR per Japanese or English character. 

What is SEO?


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