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Japanese SEO Content Writing 

J-Biz is based in Switzerland to help companies from all over the world to develop their business including seo solutions in Japan. From e-commerce to blogging and business, there are many excellent options that may be required.

We can also manage the logistics for your business partners in Japan for global e-commerce sites.


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Translation & SEO Writing

We charge translation work per character in a changed language.

We also offer various writing services. 

SEO content writing: 0.5CHF per character

Japanese website creation

including PP, GTC up to 5 pages including terms of use. 

​CHF 2000 -

Japanese website creation/1set

including free graphics and initial SEO setup. (All translated)

​CHF 2500 -

Monthly SEO

including creation of a possibility document. (META production, SEO measures such as content overwrite

​CHF 2500 -

catalogs  creation

directly translating from English or German to Japanese. Graphic creation is free.

​CHF 500 -1500

We do not charge for the time spent in all meetings. However, if it exceeds 15 minutes, we will charge CHF180 per hour.

The 3 steps to the initial delivery of the site

  1. We will complete the first draft site within 5 business days. At this stage, we will confirm whether the site design and content align with your expectations.

  2. We will make adjustments to the content, design, and pages, and enter the second round of revisions within approximately 3 business days. At this point, we will seek your almost final approval, and any additional additions or deletions will be discussed.

  3. We will make the final adjustments and complete the first delivery. Why does J-Biz call this the first delivery? We believe in continuously updating the site to facilitate its growth. It's possible to conclude with the final delivery after the initial delivery, or we can continue to update the site on your behalf. The pricing for this would be subject to discussion based on the content.

What's included in Japanese website creation:

  • Content creation

  • Basic SEO setup

  • Website design


Until the delivery of catalogs and other items

For catalog requests, the draft will be completed within 3 business days. You will have the opportunity to review the draft and provide feedback for any minor adjustments, additions, or deletions.

The delivery timeline extends up to 10 days. If translation or proofreading is required for catalogs or similar items, we offer separate services charged on a per-character basis.

We offer various services with the aim of simplifying your business

At J-Biz, we specialize in SEO Japanese content writing services that cater to a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from individual entrepreneurs to major corporations. Our expertise extends from website creation to multilingual blogging.

Creating SEO content in Japanese tailored for the Japanese market can only be truly accomplished by natives. Content optimized by native writers is unparalleled.

As a result, we offer logistics services concurrently with our other SEO content services, ahead of many others, to clients who sell their products online.Even for companies aiming to deliver products to the Japanese market in a comprehensive manner, we recommend our writing services.


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Contributions to Various Media Outlets

I have extensive knowledge in content marketing and also contribute articles to media outlets in the holistic industry. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Bringing Your Holistic Products to Japan

At our company, we provide services such as product management, logistics, public relations, and product branding within Japan. Companies looking to enter the Japanese market are welcome to consult with us. Please feel free to reach out..

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