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Purpose and benefits of preparing a press kit

Press kits are created to convey the information that companies want to send correctly.

In addition, media personnel also have the advantage of being able to proceed with interviews because they can obtain organized information quickly. Since it is easy to check the necessary information and lead to the rapid progress of the discussion, it is also possible to increase the accuracy of the interview.

Furthermore, by preparing a press kit, you can leave a polite impression, and you can expect the effect of leading to repeat coverage.

By preparing a press kit in advance, let's be able to respond promptly and politely to sudden interview requests.

7 items and materials required for the press kit

1. Company information/contact information

The first item required for the press kit is company information and contact information.

We will summarize simple information such as company name, head office location, representative name, business content, establishment date, etc., that is summarized as a company profile on the company's website. Don't forget to specify the contact information for the media.

By compiling the primary data required for media publication, you can connect to comfortable communication with the media people promoting the publication.

2. High-resolution images, logo icons, branding materials

The second item required for the press kit is materials such as images and icons.

High-resolution images, logo icons, branding materials, etc., make it easier to use for content.

Also, if you have brand guidelines for using logos and icons, you can keep the format you want the company to use, and as a media person, you can save the trouble of checking with the company.

3. Company/service description text

The third item you need for your press kit is an introductory text about your company or service.

Prepare a simple text so that you can skim it. If you copy and paste it to use it, you can use it as it is on the media side.

Keep it simple, but include the story and mission of your business or brand so that you can easily understand what makes it different from other companies and why you work on that service.

4. Company/service overview material

The fourth item required for the press kit is an overview of the company/service.

If you prepare a separate detailed explanation material such as the one omitted in the above "Company / Service Explanation Text," you can include information that could not be conveyed.

Numerical data relating to companies and businesses and business model diagrams that are easy to understand visually can be helpful as supplementary materials for media personnel. It is recommended to put them together in a downloadable format on the website.

5. Press release

The fifth item required for the press kit is a press release.

Let's summarize the press releases delivered in the past so that you can see them as a list. You can paste the URL of your company's press release list or the URL of your company's account for a press release broadcast tool.

6. Media publication results

The sixth item required for the press kit is the media publication record.

Post articles, blogs, and interviews that feature your company, services, and representatives. By appealing the results of the media publication, it will give a sense of security to those involved in the media.

7. Career of representatives and executives

The seventh item required for the press kit is the background of representatives and executives.

The point is to put them together in a form that can be used by copy and paste. Prepare a set of names, titles, profile text (career, etc.), and face photos.

Your work can be done online if you prepare a press kit for your company branding.

Indeed, digital marketing companies happy to see a MediaKit for search engine.


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