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Let’s talk about nutrition marketing strategies

Proper nutrition is a detrimental aspect to both our physical and our mental wellbeing. Whether you own nutrition business, are a nutritionist, or are working on developing a nutritional product, a good marketing strategy can help you reach your target audience and connect with people who share the same values and objectives as you and your business. I am writing this article to help you choose which strategy works best for your current situation and goals.

Customizing your web marketing approach depends a lot on what you are trying to sell – if you are a dietitian or a nutritionist, your “product” is your practice and the knowledge you share with your patients to help them on their wellness journey. That being said, you need to concentrate on marketing yourself and building a professional online presence. For example, consider building a community on Instagram and Facebook - marketing yourself as an expert in your field will attract people who are looking for guidance and proper advice. Posting well-designed infographics, slideshows, and diet/nutrition tips will peek people’s interest and will make them feel more connected to you. Keep in mind that the information you use on the graphics in your Instagram/Facebook posts should be organized in short, easy to understand sentences (sometimes experts tend to overuse scientific terms that are familiar to them but not to their audience/clients). Make a list of hashtags that are specific to your domain (#nutrition, #nutritionist, #healthylifestyle, #wellness, #healthyliving) and include them in your post so that you can reach users who are specifically looking for nutrition and wellness content.

How can I promote my practice on Facebook?

Digital marketing works a bit differently when it comes to Facebook. As of now, Facebook tends to prioritize posts that get reactions, not just simple likes. And we already know how important it is to get users to engage with your posts. Therefore, when building a Facebook post for your professional page, make sure to engage with your audience and community members, no matter how many of them are there. Ask questions, add polls and let them reply and communicate about what they’d like to see. Share new tips and (peer-reviewed) information that you stumble upon, recommend books and movies. Connecting with your clients and audience is a very important part of any marketing approach.

What kind of marketing strategy do I need if I’m selling a nutritional product?

Now that we’ve talked a bit about digital marketing for dietitians and nutritionists, it’s time to talk about strategies you can use to develop and sell a nutritional product (such as a supplement).

First and foremost, before you think about the marketing aspect, you need to make sure you are promoting quality, safe and effective products and are working with qualified professionals.

This way, you can make sure that your product is helping your clients build a better, healthier lifestyle and ensure that you are not exposing anyone to any potential health risk.

Make sure you know about all of the ingredients and nutritional aspects of your product, how they work and in which ways they can help your customers – never underestimate the power of product description.

When it comes to selling products online, on Social Media platforms, or even by building your website, presentation and image are paramount. Invest in the design and photography aspects – you will need a good, high-quality picture and a product design that will make it the center of attention.

On both Instagram and Facebook, pictures are quick to grab interest, and they show that you are willing to invest in your product’s presentation. They will also drive in more engagement to your posts.

It would help if you also considered the marketing network aspect – which means reaching and engaging with potential clients and building a network of people who support your business and product. One strategy could be reaching out to health/nutrition influencers, fitness instructors/models, trustful nutritionists, etc., and asking them to try your product and to recommend it to their communities. If they choose to promote your products, working with them will help you gain new clients that are specifically looking for what you’re selling.

In conclusion, whether you are a nutritionist or a nutritional product developer, you’re also an online marketing manager of your business, especially in the beginning stages. It might sound intimidating at first, but as you’ve read, there are quite a few practical ways to promote your nutrition business on the digital market.

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