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The advantage of D2C

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

The advantage of D2C is that you can continue to build strong relationships of trust by sharing the ideas of manufacturers and corporate brands with customers. In addition, it has become easier to sell products using the "subscription method," which was difficult with the conventional distribution. Multiple vendors intervened before delivering the product to the customer.

As a result, products that can acquire a certain number of core users, even on a small scale, have come to be established as a model that makes it easy to generate profits. It has also been a big boost for start-ups trying to develop new products. In addition, since detailed customer data can be obtained, it may be possible to work on further product development and service improvement by analyzing and grasping its attributes and needs and to utilize them in marketing. This means that so-called marketing information can be reflected in products as it is. D2C brand products will be updated quickly based on the basic concept, such as taste, shape, raw materials, and packaging. It is a model that can directly analyze marketing data and feed it back to products in a short period.

Beauty salons, etc., must not be inconsistent with conveying their image to customers. It is also advantageous that that a beauty salon that wants to convey its stylish and relaxing image on their web page launches a quick (short time) spa menu to inform its customers.

For example, many people in the beauty industry also use SNS. Instagram is the most used SNS. In the past, many people thought that beauticians who use SNS to attract customers use to advertise a little differently from the general usual main trends of the beauty industry. Today, it has become an indispensable tool for beauticians, and it can be said that it is also one of the sales techniques. This way, hairstyles, bold colors, before and after pictures and product advertising can be transferred. It is a small task that does not require words, but with the help of a digital marketing professional you can expect to attract customers.

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