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New J-Biz web portal services

Updated: Jan 19

Founded in an era of innovation and novelty, J-Biz GmbH in Switzerland has launched a new web portal that offers customers a wide range of health and wellness services. J-Biz GmbH intends to expand its operations worldwide in the coming years to become an effective alternative for people looking for wellness services, creative methods in this field, and natural products that can be used in our daily life. The health and wellness solutions company uses natural solutions to provide premium, quality and affordable products. J-Biz GmbH has achieved great success due to its unique vision and competitive aspect, which is the ability to produce healthy and environmentally friendly products. J-Biz GmbH offers online web services and Japanese content marketing for EMEA clients. J-Biz is a global agency specialising in providing various digital services for the Mind / Spirit / Body health care. To understand all the news better to the reader where can visit the website:

Brief aspects and characteristics:

Offering consists of natural elements such as original beeswax candles that you can only find at J-Biz. You can choose a beautiful atmosphere for your party / Room with the original beeswax candles.

Why we sell candles:

- Beeswax costs about 3,000 yen/kg from Japan and about 6,800 yen/kg overseas.

- Beeswax is the rarest and most valuable

- The effects of beeswax candles, which are extracted from the material hive, include a relaxing effect as the 1/f fluctuation of the flame reduces the excitation of the sympathetic nervous system and makes the parasympathetic nervous system dominant.

- Beeswax candles produce 4 to 6 times more negative ions than waterfalls.

- We offer them at low prices and also provide a refill service to avoid wasting resources. (Only in Switzerland).

- CALIBRE contains about 300 nutrients, including propolis, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and polyphenols, allowing the nutrients to evaporate into the air, enter the lungs, penetrate the capillaries and circulate throughout the body. - All the components of our website are environmentally friendly

- The candles you will find on the website are also offering Natural and excellent stones for dining tables and bathrooms.

-Natural beeswax-based candles can free you from the problem of darkening the walls of your home with ordinary candles.

The site contains a lot of information. Please take a look and identify what you need to get samples of candles. Feel free to contact us for a test.

Site Owner: Limi BOLOMIER

- Member of the Japanese Obesity Prevention Association

- Instructor of food for skin beauty

- Aromatherapist

- Online Services covering all countries

Affiliated representative of J-Biz GmbH

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